Vocal Coaching

Unlike any other instrument, your voice is primarily made up of 3 separate parts; The lungs, vocal chords and larynx (otherwise known as the voicebox).

In these lessons I will be teaching techniques and skills that I have acquired, over the last 8 years of my professional career.

I have learnt the “do’s and dont’s” of how to keep the voice in its best condition possible, by working with some of the industries top professionals and from also making my own mistakes!

I will be signposting on how you can have an incredible impact on your voice by changing how you look after it; from what to eat/drink (and what to avoid), as well as developing vocal exercises to strengthen the muscles used when singing.

Unlike other instruments that you can put away in its case to keep safe when finished with, your voice is in constant use. The techniques taught will help strengthen your voice and singing technique, enabling you to give your best vocal performance consistently.

I do not class myself as a vocal coach, singing instructor or teacher, but I do offer the experience of someone who has used these techniques successfully day to day, over the years enabling me to be able to perform up to 6 times a week.



“After a years break from singing, piano and guitar Josh helped my daughter reignite her love for music. From day one he made her feel at ease with his friendly, fun approach, tailoring her time and really getting to know and understand her needs allowing her to grow and push herself without feeling at all pressured. Such a great guy would highly recommend Josh for any budding musicians.”
Mrs Gifford

“I was working with a young lad who was struggling with anxiety and wanted to use music to help him through it. Josh instantly made my client feel at ease. They spoke about music, anxiety and how to incorporate breathing techniques to manage anxiety but to also make your voice stand out from the crowd.

Josh provided my client with confidence and knowledge. Even my client was surprised about the voice that came out of him.

Josh was professional but also relaxed which was great for my client, he also provided a lot of praise to my which I was really grateful for.

Josh was really helpful, I will certainly use him again if I meet anyone who wants to learn how to sing.”

Katie Mutton

To enquire about Vocal Coaching with Josh, please email info@JoshCurnowMusic.com

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